Intellectual Property Strategies for Startups.

Intellectual Property Strategies for Startups


Intellectual Property must be taken into everyday accounts in a business no matter the field that the business belongs in. As time goes on and the growth of the company starts to expand, IP problems will trigger your operations with the need to come up with solutions that are sustainable and fitting to each problem at hand. There is another possible outcome, that these problems don't arise from the start with proper IP strategy planning. Startups will face countless issues as they start to enter the demanding world of business. This world is tied to the legal world as well, where any step you take can either protect your company assets or promote yourself to legal risks.


Intellectual property strategy requires time and specific knowledge in exchange for a substantial return. It holds the ability to have a higher business valuation, more growth in market share, and increased competitive advantage against other similar startups. The key is to select the right IP strategy that prioritizes your core assets. Different types of strategies will bring you different protections. Trade secrets can protect confidential information in your business, copyright protects your original creations, trademarks protect your branding, and patents will protect your inventions for a period of time.


Some examples of what Startups have to face in the beginning include employment, capital, development, and more. With these topics at hand that seem so important and play a main role in shaping a company, the consideration of IP related topics can sometimes be missed. But it is important to make this a list of accomplishments for your startup as it will come back to haunt you if ignored or forgotten. Believe it or see it for yourself, IP strategies will become one of the most valuable assets in your company in a short time. It can also be essential to obtain venture capital as having a strong IP strategy will show investors that your business, even just in the beginning process has potential for long-term growth. It also acts as a protective shield, displaying your guard against competitors that are considering tricky acts.


By Mr.Yossapat Paramatkitjakan.

Founder / MD / Business Innovation Trainer & Intellectual Property.






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